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The sunshine decides to make its grand entrance after a 4-month hibernation from my vitamin-Deprived epidermis, and my neck cranes and my back elongates, mimicking a sunflower following the rejuvenating rays. Spring and winter dueled in February and May, but April produces a long-awaited winner. The Northern Hemisphere awakens, and the environmentally-frustrated people begin to bustle around the town planting gardens, mowing lawns and tossing or kicking various balls or discs.

To sum up my winter: I bet I’ve eaten over 50 lbs. of sweet potatoes, at least 25  lbs. of carrots and lord knows (because  I don’t want to) how many pizzas. As much as I love a good caramelized, roasted vegetable, I’m over it. I’ cannot wait to  re-introduce the dusty adjectives– fresh, crisp, light, acidic and balanced– into my cooking repertoire. I need tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, squash, eggplants and fruit!

Winter featured noteworthy highlights:  I’m pumped about gifts of the food preservation nature–an excalibur dehydrator and companion “Put it Up!” cookbook. I’ve got notions of  fruits, tomatoes devoid of bacteria and mold-loving water and nifty jalapeno chips for next winter… A new kitchenaid and immersion blender now grace the kitchen gadget brigade, and baked goods and pureed sauces will make frequent trips to the “Y” necessary. Only a few more weeks until the garden of Grubb gets going and farmers descend upon the urbanites of Knoxville to bring greens, lettuces, strawberries and spring onions.

We’re moving into a new apartment this week. A new space, a new season. Perfect timing.


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I love my job(s).

a. Farmers Market Second Liutenant (Real title still in limbo)

b. Mountain Meadows Farm- tomater sorter, CSA organizer, veggie planter, apple analyzer and anything else Shannon may deem important

c. La Costa- tender of the bar and server of zee cuisine

d. Market Gnome

I’m guessing the positive words relating to careers are rarely uttered by my fellow countryman these days, especially by the sprightly 20-somethings who are still searching for the best beer deals in town, something financially and socially beneficial but with less long-term gratification than being happy with your career choice. Reaching the point of satisfaction required hours and years of self-exploration and refinement, not forgetting the unnecessary mentionables–physics, engineering calculus, and volunteering in the sterilized white-washed depressing Jackson-Madison County Hospital. I mean really, could you imagine me as Dr. Pettigrew…boring, I prefer Kimberly.

Ive always had a hard time making concrete decisions, so the fact that I’ve settled into a job genre is surprising to me…but I guess since I do work a trio of jobs that’s not exactly choosing one thing . What is your favorite food/color/song/movie? Impossible! What would you like to major in? Impossible to pick one field of study and consider it a complete education. Im really not complicated, I just will never fit my dreams into a tiny nutshell. My current non-rotting in an office between the hours of 9 to 5 job(s) combine the following: education, outreach, nutrition, physical labor, conferences, philanthropy, multi-media, food, farmers, wine and people. Im able to shape and influence the direction that Knoxville takes in regards to the local food system in the next few years and decades. What more could a gal want? (besides the obvious money to make this all happen)

My job is malleable, and this enables me to fluidly grow with the needs and wants of the community. Charlotte, market mama and friend, and I can generally be found with a cup of Counter culture coffee at Old City Java or perched up at the Farmers’ Market Info booth or more recently swingin on her porch, talking about our dreams to bring local food to all and to educate the public about what’s around them–lesser known veggies and fruits (heirloom tomatoes, fennel, herbs), preservation (canning, drying), cooking, nutrition,etc. Charlotte got the wheels turning by introducing the use of food stamps at farmers’ markets in TN. Her ability to turn visions into realities is the main reason I decided to axe my grad school dreams and give my soul to local food. I have dreams of community kitchens, cooking classes, mobile markets, food sheds, and community gardens. These things will happen here and I will be a part of them. It tugs my heart and makes my eyes slightly misty and my throat a bit lumpy to think of all the possibilities–how far we have come, how daunting a task these things are to accomplish, but how fortunate I am that Knoxville is ready to stop being stagnate.  Knoxville isn’t so different from other places that linger somewhere between a big town and small city. We’ve got a blend of SUV-drivin, strip-mall suburbia to a riveting pedestrian friendly downtown. But what we do have is the people and support to make this happen. We may not be as financially stable as Nashville or Chattanooga, but damn our lack of money is made up with willpower and determination. Here we come world.

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Tuesdays are my day off. I don’t handle 24-hours of freedom very well. Yes, I love to read and lazily drink my cup of english breakfast in my flannel with the rest of the world–but then I think of all the productive things I could (and should) be doing and my relaxation bliss turns into me repenting for my deadly sin of sloth. I wanted something to do on Tuesday that would occupy my wandering mind but still provide solace after working my stressful hosting shift on Nama’s half-price night. I thought about exercising–getting that good anaerobic exercise, but just the thought of jogging makes my muscles cramp and my bones ache. I’m not particularly artistic or creative  making sewing, painting, or drawing out of the picture. Man-oh-man what is a girl to do with 24 hours of free time.

That’s when I got the perfect message. It came via cyberspace,  but it’s sender was merely 1-mile away as the crow flies.

“Does anyone want to work the dirt at Organicism farm to and receive a free CSA share?” it asked.

I thought about it for a whole two minutes.

Question 1 to myself: Do you love free food? Who doesn’t

Question 2 to myself: Do you have time? Yes, Tuesday!

Brilliant. And so it came to be that my Tuesdays are now spent working at Ryan and Jessica’s farm in Seymour. This is my first official week as a CSA’er and I must say I am quite smitten. In addition finding peace working in the cool mountain air, I have a basket (with a nifty handle) full of produce begging to be made into something delicious.

My CSA basket has a blingin metal handle

CSA Basket Week 1

  • CSA Flier Week 1

    CSA Flier Week 1

CSA Meals

  • Arugula pesto pizza
  • Arugula pesto cream cheese spread served with late summer vegetable sandwiches
  • Gumbo
  • Double Chocolate Mint Cookies
  • Pumpkin Penne with pan-fried rosemary butter
  • Late fall salad- with butter lettuce, micro-radishes, pears, caramelized walnuts and lemon-garlic dressing
  • The slaw was gone in less than one hour…oops

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