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I haven’t left country of sweet liberty in two long, long, long years. After residing in Kiwi-ville for six months I found the transition back to God country appalling and unbearable. When studying (or traveling) abroad you find a sense of self. This happens because you remove the familiar–parents, friends, pets, cars, technology, news sources, and in some cases language. And what are you left with? You. It’s a wonderful feeling to rediscover that person. It’s hard to be that person in Knoxville, McMinnville or Jackson.

My time in Knoxville, post-NZ, has been a whirlwind of adventures, friendships and jobs. I love this little-big city and know that we have a unique bond. However, I need to get away for a short time to find myself again. I need to plan for the future, figure out what I can’t live without, and remember how to live joyfully again. That is why when my friend Ben inquired about my interest in going to Brazil last week? I replied, hell yes. I’m still pinching myself because the reality hasn’t set in–even though the airline fee has settled, quite heavily on my bank account. But alas, rejuvenation is coming in February.

I’ll land in Rio de Janeiro and traverse around the area. The pinnacle will be Carnival and then back to Tennessee. Now just to fill in the blanks.


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I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and in just two days I will be done with undergraduate classes for all eternity. Once I ace all six of my final exams (fingers crossed), I will officially cross the line from student to full-blown adult. So, what does my future hold? I was offered the best internship in Knoxville on Monday (at least in my personal opinion). I will work at the Market Square Farmer’s Market in Knoxville, Tennesse. The position is perfect because not only do I get to interact with local growers and artisans, but I get to use my journalism skills to promote the market’s weekly ongoings and special events. I feel honored to be a part of something important. And the best part… I can incorporate my love for slow food through my internship., and I’ve been given great freedom to be creative. I’ve love for some of you all to share your thoughts and ideas about what you’d like to see at your local farmer’s market. I’ve already decided to have a recipes of the week display. It would spotlight a fruit or vegetable in season at that time in both a simple and more complicated dish. As you can see… I want to make the most of this internship. I’m just so happy I feel my heart my explode. Over the next two weeks, I’ll be saying goodbye to some wonderful friends who are moving across the country. I’ll no longer be part of the microcosm I’ve called home for five years.  I will no longer rely on my parents for financial support. I will no longer learn from books, I will learn by experience. But, I am not scared of what my future holds. I know that everything happens for a reason, and I cannot see what my life journey will bring. All I can wish for is peace, passion, and fulfillment.

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