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I am stressed. This week is filled with tests, papers, articles, and extracurriculars. My body and brain are aching, and I really don’t know if I’ll make it to graduation. But I consider myself fortunate to have a great support system–friends, family, and my boyfriend, but especially William.

His name is William, but I like to pronounce it in a Russian accent— Veeeel-yum. This probably embarrasses him when I introduce him to people, but he never mentions it. One of my favorite things about William is his ability  to wake me up to reality, to let me smell the coffee so to speak. He warms my mind and spirit, which not only relaxes me, but gives me energy and confidence to face the day. He always wears a cute purple bow tie (it makes me smile), and his eyes are never criticizing or sad, no matter how tired, sad, or crazy I’m feeling.  I can just tell he cares about me.  I’ve decided to enclose this photo of William so he can make you smile too!


William, my most reliable pal

William, my most reliable pal

Honestly, this isn’t really William, it is just one of his identical twins. But, the resemblance is uncanny. 

I’m not sure if this post is actually funny, but I’ve been in stitches of laughter while writing it. Probably because I am full of caffeine and running on minimal sleep. But in all honesty, I love William (my coffee thermos). He really does help me through my day! If you would like to purchase one of William’s twins or an equally cute thermos, check out one of these planet-friendly alternatives to disposable coffee cups from The Sarut Group


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