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The sunshine decides to make its grand entrance after a 4-month hibernation from my vitamin-Deprived epidermis, and my neck cranes and my back elongates, mimicking a sunflower following the rejuvenating rays. Spring and winter dueled in February and May, but April produces a long-awaited winner. The Northern Hemisphere awakens, and the environmentally-frustrated people begin to bustle around the town planting gardens, mowing lawns and tossing or kicking various balls or discs.

To sum up my winter: I bet I’ve eaten over 50 lbs. of sweet potatoes, at least 25  lbs. of carrots and lord knows (because  I don’t want to) how many pizzas. As much as I love a good caramelized, roasted vegetable, I’m over it. I’ cannot wait to  re-introduce the dusty adjectives– fresh, crisp, light, acidic and balanced– into my cooking repertoire. I need tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, squash, eggplants and fruit!

Winter featured noteworthy highlights:  I’m pumped about gifts of the food preservation nature–an excalibur dehydrator and companion “Put it Up!” cookbook. I’ve got notions of  fruits, tomatoes devoid of bacteria and mold-loving water and nifty jalapeno chips for next winter… A new kitchenaid and immersion blender now grace the kitchen gadget brigade, and baked goods and pureed sauces will make frequent trips to the “Y” necessary. Only a few more weeks until the garden of Grubb gets going and farmers descend upon the urbanites of Knoxville to bring greens, lettuces, strawberries and spring onions.

We’re moving into a new apartment this week. A new space, a new season. Perfect timing.


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