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This yogurt is my vice. I particularly overindulge in the plum and walnut flavor, but the peach and passion fruit is a close second. This yogurt has the “ummm factor.” When you open the lid, and take a bite of this creamy sweet delicacy, your reaction will be equivocal to taking a bite of your favorite dessert. It’s just that good. Some other positives: there are no sugar substitutes, no gelatin (an animal product),  it only has 8.5% milk fat (good ice cream has around 30%), and of course it’s packed with calcium and good bacteria. If you struggle with dessert, reaching for that third brownie or eating the WHOLE pint of Ben and Jerry’s Fish Food, try stocking your refrigerator with this equally sinful yet healthier option.

Yes, my love of Liberte yogurt doesn’t stop at the rich Mediterranean yogurt. The 6 grain version is the perfect snack or accompaniment to a light lunch. This product line has less fat and calories than the mediterranean, yogurt, the sugar is natural fruit sugar that has little impact on raising blood sugar, and the 6 grains give the yogurt great texture and nutritional benefits. My favorite flavor is pear, because the subtle sweetness mixes perfectly with the slightly tart yogurt and nutty grains. 

But, not only is the yogurt top-notch, Liberte’s dedication to sustainability is too!  


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