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I love drinking wine with my meals, but I lack the sophisticated palate that lets me pair specific grape varieties with my meal of choice. That doesn’t mean I haven’t tried. I have, but it’s always been disappointing to taste a marvelous fruity wine and then take a sip after eating a bite of my food, and the wine turned into an atrocity. 

But, I found a fantastic web site that pairs wine for me called WinedIn. All you do is type in a specific meal description, and it generates a list of wines. For example, I typed in lentil and sausage soup and the wines it suggested were beaujolais and pinot noir. It’s that easy. Hope your worrisome wine nights can now be a breeze.

Here’s a quick and easy reference guide from WinedIn:


Food and Wine Pairing Quick Reference Chart from WinedIn

Food and Wine Pairing Quick Reference Chart from WinedIn



Cabernet Sauvignon BeefLambChicken Brie CheeseChocolate
Chardonnay ChickenSeafood Cheddar Cheese
Merlot BeefLambChops Mild CheddarPasta/White Sauce
Pinot Noir ShellfishPasta Parmesan/Romano Cheese
Pinot Grigio TurkeyPork Fresh Fruit, Mild Cheeses
Zinfandel BBQSteakSpicy Wings Mild CurryRissoto
Syrah/Shiraz Peppered Meats, Sausage Pasta/Red Sauce, Cheddar Cheese
Riesling PoultryFishChocolate CheesecakeTartsMozzarella Cheese
Fume/Sauvignon Blanc SalmonHalibutOysters Asian FoodsPasta/White Sauce

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